Life Sources 22.7.-28.7.2019 in singing, painting and sculpture

is a seminar at Singing School, situated in the village of Pojanluoma and surrounded by fields and forests. The school premises consist of two village school buildings from the early 1900’s, bought by Singing School at the turn of the millennium. Besides teaching facilities, the school has rooms for accommodation, a horse stable, a riding field and a spacious yard, which may be used as a camping site during the seminar.


Judit Bàlint – Master of Arts from Pecs University, music pedagogy and choral conducting, Waldorf School Teacher training in Budapest, Werbeck singing diploma from Singing School, Finland. Singing teacher and choral conductor at Singing School.

Risto Suurla- Teacher at Singing School since the School’s foundation. Musician, composer, teacher of antroposophy.

Luc van Kessel- Bachelor of Education, Waldorf School teacher from Hogeschool Helicon, Netherlands. Study of intuitive pedagogy under the tutelage of Pär Ahlbom and study of Werbeck singing under Margit Schermann in Zeist, Netherlands. Currently an advanced student at Singing School, Finland. Luc van Kessel works as a teacher and a trainer.

Marja Suurla- Master of Education. Forty years’ experience of teaching visual arts, philosophy and art history at Tampere Waldorf School, Finland.

Barbara Schnetzler-A free artist in Switzerland. Besides her own artistic work, she gives courses in Italy and India i.a.

Jaana and Sofia Laine- Jaana Laine is an experienced coach, who currently works as a masseuse and therapist. She has studied singing at Singing School. Sofia Laine is a recently graduated riding instructor, who gives riding lessons and offers horse riding camps.


Course fee and accommodation 200-350€/week, depending on the accommodation option

Lunch, coffee/tea 12€/day

The course fee includes one 30-minute riding lesson.


Laulukoulu, Luovantie 125

60760 Pojanluoma (Ilmajoki), Finland


Facebook: The Friends of the Singing School

29.7.-2.8.2019 Choir week at the Singing School; Judit Bàlint-choir, Merja Palmu-Werbeck singing, Risto Suurla-antroposophy